Monday, 27 June 2011

The most caring Father’s Day at Go Go Bazaar

A sweet and memorable Father’s Day at Go Go Bazaar!
Go Go Bazaar celebrated Father’s Day at Kepong Brem Mall honoring the contribution of father to one’s family. A series of activities has been held during the weekend to encourage the children aged below 12 to express their love through arts. Clay art workshops sponsored by House of Reve was to provide a platform for the kids to learn and experience the handmade clay art. Most parents appreciate the clay art workshop as the activity provided a free chance for children to learn the way to create on fanciful creation. Besides, children agreed that clay art workshop is meaningful as children have little pocket money for Father’s Day present and the free handmade clay art is best to express their love and caring to father. Handmade product as present is always much meaningful than ready-made product.
Besides Clay art workshop, Father’s Day colouring contest fwas ready for children in age 4 to 12 to participate. Colouring contest is divided to two sections which were section A (for children in age 4 to 7) and section B (for children in age 8 to 12). The winners for the colouring contest in section A is Cheryl Wong who is in age 7 and section B is Wai Yin Xue who is in age 11. 
 Father’s Day cupcake decoration is a joyful activity to gather the children who aged below 13 to decorate a cupcake for their lovely father. Most of the parents appreciated this opportunity as this was the first time for them to taste the cupcake that decorated by their children. Father can enjoy a cupcake with their children. It was a touching and caring moment at Go Go Bazaar, Kepong Brem Mall. Go Go Bazaar is to encourage for activities between parents and children to promote on the advantage of arts to the development of children. Go Go Bazaar which will held in Kepong Brem Mall every weekend is definitely a good place for parents and children to enjoy their weekend.

Coloring contest, category A 
Golden Land Event Management, the organizer for Go Go Bazaar is also in the lookout for more vendors to take part in the Go Go Bazaar. A table will be provided, reserved as many table as you need. Spaces will be reserved on the first come first served basis. So call and book for your places as soon as possible if you are interested. Go Go Bazaar will be held at every Friday to Sunday in Brem Mall, Kepong started 3 June 2011. For further detail, contact 03- 9057 7373 or

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